Footwork Press

Footwork Press is a new formation in which we aim to share the stories, thoughts, opinions and goals of our team and the teams around us, in written form.


Fashion is subjective. You may prefer flashy watches, you may hunt down your local second-hand store for vintage deals. You may prefer Nike’s, they may prefer Adidas. And so fashion consensus is unfeasible. But. There is something lasting in style and in influence, it becomes synonymous with a person. Whether you would wear those fits yourself becomes somewhat irrelevant. Pushing boundaries, originality, influence, my personal bias. These are the criteria for Footwork’s Drippiest XI of all time.

I’m glad we could all agree.

Moving Forward; At What Cost?

A quick glimpse into the Pay-to-Play structures in US youth soccer. By Dan Hoffay


The 2022/23 seasons are upon us and that means new kits all around. We break down the best and the worst from around the globe for this club season. This is Cop or Drop- Club Kit Edition.

Roy Wegerle: My Own Style, My Own Route

We were lucky enough to interview former Chelsea, QPR, Blackburn, and USA Men’s National Team player Roy Wegerle. We dove into his early beginnings, influences, the ups and downs of career abroad, his style, favorite moments and so much more. 

Jake Keegan: My Story Part 1 Imposter Syndrome

Jake Keegan is a professional footballer for the Greenville Triumph. Keegan has enjoyed an illustrious career thus far, seeing his talents take him to Germany, Ireland, Canada, and the USA. But there wasn’t always success and confidence. At points it was doubt and the creeping notion of looking like a failure. Check out this extremely honest and open chapter from Jake Keegan’s story.

11 Questions with 11Transfair

11Transfair is an app designed to help players, coaches, and clubs find matches and suitable destinations. It’s even been called the “Tinder for Footballers.” We ask them 11 questions to dive deeper into the landscape of the app, the features, and why it will take the soccer landscape by force.

Sean Vinberg: My Path

I had the backing of the people I cared about the most, the confidence in my ability, and worth ethic that made the decision very simple to make. Above all else, this journey I was about to undertake was not just about myself, but being an example to others that with the right work ethic, the possibilities are endless.

Dylan Williams: My Path

I think at one point I could see this route laid out in front of me. Taking this prestigious job out of college; money, comfort, normality. I honestly saw myself in 20 years from that moment. I saw it so clearly.

And it scared the shit out of me.

Matt Lawrence: Surviving Relegation with Crystal Palace

A Short Film by Footwork detailing the amazing story of surviving relegation and all that came with it.