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How Can We Help Our Aspiring Soccer Professionals?

In the simplest of backstories, we’re two Division 3 athletes that people thought were crazy for trying to pursue a career in soccer. We’ve learned so many ins and outs along the way and have established connections throughout the entire globe. We want to share what we’ve learned and help make it easier for the next generation to MAKE THEIR OWN PATH.

1) Setup a Consulation

A 15 minute Zoom hangout where we answer your questions to the best of our ability, give knowledge, and maybe some advice. The best way to grow our networks. Plus it’s free when you sign up for our newsletter with your email!


2) Listen to any of these curated podcasts

A huge part of why we started the pod was to give you all the necessary information to follow your dreams. These podcasts can really help to prepare yourself for potential opportunities. Tips on creating a CV, highlight tape, contacting clubs and understanding visas can all be found in these episodes!

How To Email a Club

Episode 72

Highlight Tape and CV

Combines and Tryouts

Visas and Playing Styles

Episode 11

3) Check out any of our free products and how-tos

From email lists, to templates, to foreign-language starter packs and beyond. We have some great FREE products for you. All you need is to checkout in our shop with your email. 

4) Study the game with us

Tactical Breakdowns of ourselves and our guests to help you study the game, different positions, and improve your knowledge every week! 

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