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Traveling the world as professional soccer players, Dylan Williams and Sean Vinberg talk about life on the road and the challenges of following a dream in a sometimes less than glamorous business. The boys share side hustles, how to stay balanced, why to trust the process, and tips on how to conquer any challenge that arises, even if it’s not in soccer. With guests from around the globe, sharing their stories, their hardships and ultimately their keys to success. From overcoming mental hurdles to finding a situation you love, Dylan, Sean and their amazing guests break down what it truly means to ‘make your own path’ in this world. Coming to you each week from the pitch in Hamburg, Germany. This is Footwork.



Growing up on Long Island, New York, Sean played D3 college soccer at SUNY Oneonta. After having a prosperous four years, his dream was to go abroad and pursue a professional career. Starting out his career in 2017 playing in the Mongolian Premier League, Sean has since been in Germany working his way up the footballing ladder. He is currently playing in the 4th tier of German Football. Learn so much more here.

Raised in Hudson Valley, New York, Dylan played D3 college soccer at SUNY Oneonta. A successful career prompted Dylan to try his luck and follow his dream of becoming a professional. Playing at various levels within Australia, Sweden and now Germany, Dylan continues his trade now in the 4th tier of German Football. Learn so much more here.

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Footwork would not be possible without the work of our tight knit community of dream-chasers, soccer-lovers, and risk-takers.

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Brian Wagstaff and Jack Felter are reocurring premier league podcast guest hosts who have both taken additional roles in TikTok video production. Nick Vinberg, Noah Daly, David Harris, Jake Keegan, Tyler Crill, and Zach Williams are few more to name who have helped significantly in the creation and implementation of Footwork.